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Agile Construction Systems™ (ACS™) Innovating Smart Agile Housing Solutions that are Reslilient, Economical, Energy Efficient, and Eco-friendly.

Smart Construction with Smart Technology

Intelligent Innovations

Realizing the Extreme Compression on traditional “Site-Built” construction is not sustainable or cost-effective, we invested over half a million dollars and several thousand-man hours with consultants searching the world for disruptive innovations in construction methods. Our exhaustive research includes, manufactured homes, structural insulated panels (SIPs), steel chassis, prefab, modular, light gauge steel, and other more exotic systems, including 3D printing.

We’ve established strategic partnerships and supply-chains with a wide spectrum of component and system producers from North America, Pacific Rim, New Zealand and Australia. Our systems are faster, stronger, more energy efficient and use healthier materials than traditional site-built structures and require less skilled labor to implement. Our Agile Construction Systems offer the most cost effective, and highest quality solutions available.

5 Ways Cold-Formed Steel Framing Can Lower Your Total Construction Costs

You’re a building owner with an upcoming project. Would you like to cut your construction costs while maintaining work quality and output? Of course you would. But how? One answer involves material selection. Steel framing systems can be readily and economically adapted to cope with the changing requirements of occupants, avoiding functional obsolescence and the high cost and disruption of refurbishment, redevelopment or demolition. Steel building systems offer significant cost benefits over competitive building materials when the total cost of construction is considered. Here are 5 ways that CFS framing systems can lower your total construction costs:


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Design, Engineering and Architecture

minMAX Builders has a network of  highly experienced designers, engineers and architects to support your construction vision. 

Home Office and Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs)

More people are working from home than ever before driving demand for affordable home office environments as well as additional dwelling units. 

Innovative Software

Our design software offers an advanced, comprehensive solution for the design and fabrication of light gauge steel framing. It’s powerful, intuitive and reduces multi-step processes into a single integrated solution making it easy to use and ideal for residential and light commercial construction.

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Project Management

Our team of seasoned professionals make sure every project is well planned and executed on time and on budget. 

minMAX Builders host a Texas delegation including mayors, congressman, chamber of commerce and economic development leaders with HUD Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson.

HUD HQ Washington D.C. Discussing construction innovations for more affordable housing solutions, Opportunity Zones and public/private partnerships. 

“In response to the affordable housing crisis facing our country, new construction technologies and development techniques play a pivotal role in lowering the cost of production and increasing the affordability of new homes for millions of hard-working Americans,"
Dr. Ben Carson
HUD Secretary
The term “resilience” and its importance to the built environment has resulted in many discussions on how this term relates to systems, society, and the individual. Resilience even extends to our need to establish a preparedness protocol for natural and man‐made disasters. From academia to Federal, state, and local governments, these discussions have the potential to change our thinking on sustainability and building design.
Christopher Bourne
Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) Office of Innovation

Our Team Will Show You The Way.

Join the wave of offsite, panelized and modular construction and simplify your product and make the move to fabricated panels using cold-formed steel now.
We have full building technologies — both panels and our own unique roof/floor truss profile to make your projects the most efficient in the market.  Our technology platform will help you focus on design for manufacturability and constructability to drive efficiency.